TEJ Project Workshop at Isra University

Date: 6/3/2016

Venue: Isra University


A workshop for TEJ project was conducted in Isra University, on March 6, 2016. The workshop started with a welcome note from the President of Isra University Prof. Bassam Malkawi in addition to a brief overview about the university and its role in supporting TEJ project to achieve its objectives, then Prof. Walid Salameh, the project coordinator, delivered a speech thanking Isra University for hosting this workshop and reviewed the achieved objectives and coming outputs of the project.

He reviewed TEJ success story during the Brussels Meeting and noted to the effect of TEJ at the national level in addition to its role in cooperation between universities and private sectors

The universities mission and vision should be adapted to be more involved in community enhancing and should find the best ways for employing the new graduated students Prof. Salameh added.

He also stressed on enhancing TEJ portal and invited partners to enrich the site by adding their works and activities.

After that a general discussion took place and many points as well as suggestion were submitted as follows:

- Prof. Fawaz from Tafilah Technical Univrsity invited TEJ partners to attend the National conference (Tafilah University and Private Sectors) in the med of April.

- Dr. Ali Maquosi from Petra University suggested a meeting with private sectors to explore the benefits of applying TEJ results for both sides.

- Prof. Mohammad Abbadi from Mutah University presented the activities applied by Mutah University with all big companies around the University of Mutah and the joint projects with these companies.

- Dr. Mohammad Jaafry from IPARK and Eng. Hisham Qattan suggested formulating a delegation to visit the Jordanian Chamber of Industry.

Prof. Walid after that showed the importance of the REO offices and informed the participants about the preparations for the students visit to Porto University in addition to the suggested agenda and subjects during the visit.