Study visit to the University of Alicante – Spain

Date: Monday, March 2, 2015 to Wednesday, March 4, 2015
Venue: University of Alicante – Spain

A study visit to the University of Alicante- Spain was organized for TEJ partners on March 2-4, 2015. The visit was arranged in order to get introduced on the European universities experience in technology transfer modality and linking the same with the labor market in addition to creating a general framework of the university-industry cooperation. Prof Walid Salameh, the Vice-President of Princes Sumaya University of Technology and the project coordinator, and the representative of Alicante University started the event by a welcoming speech. The first presentation was delivered by Roberto Escarré about the basics, models and schemes of University-Enterprise partnerships. The second talk was about the analysis of local environment of University Enterprise partnerships stockholders which was presented by Iván Rodríguez followed by a debate session on how to develop university-enterprise linkage, what are the gaps and challenges that faces such development, presented by Dr. Radhi Hamadeen. After the scientific visit to the labs of Alicante University two lectures were attended regarding funding and incentives schemes supporting University-Enterprise partnership presented by Lorenzo Moreno and university-enterprise supporting structures presented by Olga Francés.

See the full report along with the participants’ names in the PDF file