TEJ meeting – Jordan

Date: Thursday, January 14, 2016
Venue: PSUT - Jordan

TEJ project partners attended a meeting on January 14th and 24th, 2016, at PSUT in order to discuss the project’s progress and the national conference preparations.

Jan 14th, 2016 - Prof. Mashhoor Alrefai, President of PSUT, attended the meeting and welcomed the guests then prof. Walid Salameh, the project’s coordinator, discussed the preparation of the national conference and asked the partners to submit their suggestions and opinions regarding the national conference.

Partners interacted positively and many suggestions were provided regarding the conference organisation, the call for papers and the deadlines for submitting and accepting participants' papers, in addition to determining the invited persons from the partners' institutions and the enterprises.

The meeting was moderated by Prof. Walid Salameh who reviewed at the end the progress of the project and requested from partners to submit their reports on project activities regularly and activate the REO offices in addition to update its materials.

Jan 24th, 2016 – TEJ partners attended the meeting to put the final touches on the national conference preparations. Prof. Walid Salameh welcomed the presents and reviewed the agenda of conference, important date and submitted papers.

The attendees agreed that the keynote speaker will be, His Excellency Dr. Mohammad Abu Hammour, the former minister of Finance and confirmed inviting the representatives of business sector, academic staff and students to attend the event.